Adding a Calendar

Google Calendar Integration


To Add a calendar to your site add a link to /app/calendar Then go to /app/calendar and edit the Google calendar URL. Thats it.

Google Calendar

Our system will integrate very nicely with Google calendar. To get things going the first thing you need to do is setup a google calendar and make sure it is public. Once you have a public calendar you can get the public URL. To verify that the calendar is indeed public log out of google completely. Once logged out visit the public URL of yor calendar. If you see all your calendar events then you know it is indeed public.

Grab This From Google

301 Error

If you get a 301 error, it means the google url has not been set or that the calendar is not public.

Here's What to Paste

Calendar Example

See Example Google Calendar


The following code can add features to your calendar.

  • &showTitle=0
  • &showNav=1
  • &showDate=1
  • &showPrint=0
  • &showTabs=0
  • &showCalendars=0
  • &showTz=1