WebBlocks Redirects


What is a redirect? In simplest terms, a redirect is when you set one web address (URL) to go to another web address. It's telling a web browser that if a person types in a URL to take them someplace else. So for example, you might have:


but it may be desirable to have a simpler address like:


Why set a redirect? The reason for setting a redirect is to simplify website addresses for giving out to people, whether you are printing it in a brochure, sending a link to an email list, etc.


To set a redirect

  1. Login

  2. Click on the Orange W in the upper left hand corner to reveal the menu

  3. Choose properties

  4. Scroll to the bottom and you will see Redirect field

  5. It is here that you can redirects.

If your redirect goes to an app (i.e. /app/calendar or /app/blog) then it has special properties. See below.

Normal Redirects

For example this redirect...

/bob    /about-us/bob

Will redirect all requests for /bob to /about-us/bob, AND it will also redirect requests like /bob/other to /about-us/bob/other.

To prevent this default behavior simlpy add an "=" to the start of the redirect line, like...

=/help    /help/home

That will prevent redirect loops.

Domain Level redirects

Domain level redirects happen on the domain level. For example these would redirect www to your site like

http://www.example.com   ==>   http://example.com


http://example.com       ==>   http://www.example.com

Additionally you can have other domain level redirects. To set these up choose "DNS and forwards" from the WebBlocks menu.

For domain level redirects to work you need to be sure you setup the correct name servers for any additional domains you want. Set the name servers to...


As an example of a domain level redirect suppose your website is...


And you additionally owned...


You can add thingys.com and www.thingys.com to the "DNS and forwards" page. And then setup the name servers for thingys.com to point to ns1.clearimageonline.com and ns2.clearimageonline.com.

Any request for thingys.com will automatically redirect to widgets.com

Notes for the Technically inclined

Normal and domain level redirects are technically 302 redirects.

Redirects that do not start with "=" have an implied star operator.

WebBlocks websites use the /app URL endpoint for the many apps it supports. For example you can access your calendar at /app/calendar and you blog at /app/blog. Redirects involving /app are done internally and do not affect the web address.