What are Widgets?

Widgets are little lines of code you can add to a page to get extra functionality.

Have fun exploring. We are constantly adding new widgets. If you need a particular feature let us know and we would love to consider it.

Adding Widgets

To add a short code follow these steps.

  • Login to your webblocks site
  • Place your site in Edit Mode (click on the icon in the top left corner to show the side menu, at the top you will find a link titled "Edit Mode" If it has a check by it then you are in edit mode, if not click it to go into edit mode.

  • To Edit your page go to it, then hover the area you want to edit. You will see an orange outline and the editing options for that area. For a content Area you will choose "Edit."

  • You can paste your widget code in the Edit Box that pops up.