Adding a Table


May 25Indianapolis, INIndy 500 Parade
June 21Lexington, KY
June 22Merrillville, IN Merrillville Music Festival
June 25Fairfield, OH Summer Music Games in Cincinnati
June 28Muncie, IN
June 30Rochester, MN River City Rhapsody
July 9Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Empire Spectacular
July 12La Crosse, WI River City Rhapsody-La Crosse
July 16Bentonville, AR Music on the Move
July 23Ocean Springs, MS Mississippi Sound Spectacular
July 24Hattiesburg, MS DCI Southern Mississippi
July 27Huntsville, AL DCI North Alabama
July 28Atlanta, GA DCI Atlanta Southeastern Championship
July 30Dublin, OH Emerald City Music Games
July 31Erie, PA Lake Erie Fanfare

Widget Code:



  1. Copy the widget code above and paste into a text box on your site where you want a table.
  2. Change "tablename" in the widget code to the name of your table
  3. The next part of the code (100L/180L/290L) determines the number of columns, the width of each column and how the text is aligned in each column. L stands for left, R for right and C for center.
  4. Click Save
  5. Hover over box and click "edit table". Note that you can right click on different fields to add rows, order rows, etc.


  • Columns can be as wide or narrow as you like.
  • You can add as many columns as necessary, so for example you might want five rows which would look something like: "100L/100L/140L/200L/100L"
  • The sum of the numbers should be no more than 640. It can be less.