Adding a Contact Card

Contact Cards are a very useful way to add "virtual business cards" to your site. You can place an individual's card at the end of an article for example or you can set up different groups and add a group to a Contact Us page.

Get Started

Step One

Login to your site and go into edit mode. Copy the following Widget Code and paste it anywhere on your site.


Step Two

After hitting Save you will see [add new contact]. Hover over that and click "Edit"

Step Three

Click on "Add New Contact" at the bottom.

Step Four

Begin adding cards. You can also add groups.

Step Five

Once you have added several contact cards and assigned each to their respective groups, you can display all the contact cards in a group or you can display them idividually using the following code


Full Size Contact Cards

Regular Individual Contact Card Sample

Terry Riegel
Technical Director

Widget Code:


Regular Group Contact Card Sample

Terry Riegel
Technical Director
Shannon Brown
Creative Director

Widget Code:


Mini Contact Cards

Mini Contact Cards are a little more streamlined and useful when you want to conserve space.

Mini Contact Card Sample

Widget Code:


Mini Group Contact Cards Sample

Widget Code: