Adding a Downloadable File

There are three kinds of file downloads. Public, Password protected and payment protected.

Public/Private File

Or as a (download the zip file) inline link.

Example 1: Fancy Box

[/file/ Box download]

Example 2: Simple Link

[/file/ link download/link]

Example 3: Open In a New Window

end widget with ?target=new

[/file/info.pdf/Membership Information?target=new]

This is how the examples above would look on your website. Add them to your site, copy and paste the short codes into any page. Be sure to change the details to match your files.

Once the widget codes are in place you can hover the widget to upload your actual files and make them private or public.

segment 1='file'

segment 2=Filename, i.e. 'thefilename.pdf'

segment 3=Description, i.e. 'Click to Load thefile'

segment 4=Add a fourth segment 'link' to display as a simple link