Adding a Form

Forms use a simple CSV file format that you will have to type in manually until we develop a proper form creation interface for it.

Setup a Sample

To setup a sample on your site do this.

  • Add the following widget code to the page you want the form displayed on.

Widget Code:

  • Then once you have the form you can hover it to start the form designer.

Form ElementDescription
TitleSimilar to Section but more prominent
Section BreakFor breaking up your form
Text InputUse this anytime you want to add aline of text
Text AreaUse this when you need a paragraph or more of text
Radio ButtonUse this for things like Yes or No
CheckboxUse this when more than one option may apply
Select Drop DownSimilar to Checkbox but using a drop down menu to hold all the choices
Note or Descriptive TextUse this anytime you feel the need to add additional text of information for the user to read.
CaptchaThis will help control spammers
Submit ButtonThis is necessary on your form it adds the button they click to finish the form
PayPalThis is used to Add a Pay with Paypal button to your form. See additional instructions below
CalculationAnytime you need to make a calculation based on other fields this can be used it can be used in conjunction with the PayPal link to calculate totals.


Using the Paypal is a bit more complicated to use than the other form elements as it needs to be connected to two other form elements for it to work correctly.

You will need to know the "Paypal Item Name", and the "Paypal Item cost" These values can be gathered from other elements. When you select an element its ID can be found near the bottom in black typewriter text.


Use Calculate to take multiple fields and calculate a value for this field. Use the Elements ID in your calculations.